fragranceXperience by Les Parfumables® is a unique opportunity offered to perfumistas to get a face to face meeting with the artist. Comfortably installed at home with an exclusive CeraScent® scented set in hand, fragrances passionates will be able to share the scent party with a few friends.

The Artist: Alex LEE

Alexander’s first olfactive notions were found in the children’s playground. He would chase after girls to smell their deliciously shampooed hair amidst the swings and the slides. But before his passions for perfume became obsessive and dangerous like those of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille’s in Patrick Süskind’s famous novel, The Perfume, Alexander matured from this playful activity and found interests in appreciating and collecting classical and niche fragrances. Eventually, Alex went to France to learn perfumery and became a perfumer at MANE.

The Fragrance “Etoilegance”

The essence Etoilegance, created by Alex Lee, is an homage to Esxence. The perfume was a result of the Esxence competition and a brief inspired by the “stars”. The entire perfume was inspired by the “stars” which gives off light.

The design of the bottle, by Radis Nikzad, is a regular cube that represents the contemporary atmosphere of the Artistic Perfumery Fair. 

Etoilegance support the project Diritto al Futuro of ACRA-CCS, dedicated to the construction of gardens for 26 schools in Zambia.